Why you should go for a man and van when moving

Why you should go for a man and van when moving

Increasingly popular among movers is the man and a van service! There’s no limit to what this service can offer, both when moving house and for office removals. The option is particularly popular for small removals and even when moving furniture. It’s also perfect for those in need of combining removals and storage. So what exactly is this man with a van option? Read on to find out and to see if you could benefit from man and van hire!

Why you should go for a man and van when moving

The first plus side to hiring the man and van service is its affordability! With attractive, reasonable rates it will be hard to say no to any removal company that provides this service, but make sure you do your homework. Most London moving companies try to cash in on this popular service, but you’ll want to make sure they have reliable, safe vans and qualified drivers to man the moving truck. Ring around, get a few quotes and why not find some testimonials online to make sure the company delivers quality!

So what does this service include? First of all you can ask for as many movers as you like to accompany the driver and they can take care of all your needs, from packing, to moving furniture, loading your belongings onto the moving van, driving to your new home/office and unloading everything in an efficient manner. If your budget allows for this, then why not go for the full package, as it will mean less work for you and won’t interfere with your daily lifestyle or busy schedule. Or if you prefer to do all the packing yourself, you can just hire the van with the driver and load the vehicle yourself with the help of friends. You’ll pay less for this service.

Flexibility is another major benefit to the man and van service, as you won’t need to book as far ahead as you would for a full removal service. You’ll also end up only paying for the removal van and qualified driver by the hour. Charges should include petrol as well as any congestion charges and parking permits. So if you’re embarking on a massive removal and will need to do more than one run, then bear in mind the man with van option may not be your best bet. Consider this service for light removals and for furniture removals. Another pro to hiring this service is that you won’t have to get behind the wheel yourself and can rely on a qualified, careful driver to deliver all your belongings and valuables to the location of your choice. If you need to put things in storage, then the man and van option is ideal, as your possessions will be transported to anywhere you need!

When hiring a man a van service, try finding a company close to the pick up point. That way you’ll end up being charged less, as you won’t be asked to pay more to cover petrol costs. Possibly the most appealing part to the man and van hire is that it is an affordable moving option for people looking for cheap removals, but still offers a premium service and promises the safe deliver of your goods. The vans, while compact are spacious enough to fill up to four good-sized rooms and can navigate down hard to reach roads and can find parking space much easier than your larger moving trucks.

So whether you’re looking to move house or your office belongings, why not find out more about the man with van service by speaking to your local removal service!

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