Man and Van and Home removal tips

Man and Van and Home removal tips

Removals and man and vanHome removal in London or anywhere else can be a one daunting task to carry. With all the stuff moving around, you’ll probably end up banging your head on the wall. Well, we won’t like that to happen to you certainly.

We at Man And Van  want all the best for you, your family or your friends.

Just follow our wise words and you’ll be up and ready for a smooth ride to your new home.

First and foremost rule to moving is PLANNING. If you fail to plan, you’ll end up in the exact scenario: Your head and the door. Remember?

1. We cannot emphasize more on booking your removal company in advance to make sure that they are available for your preferred date and time.
2. Pack your boxes in advance. Packing a simple bag for your travel takes up a whole lot of time. Imagine packing up your whole house.
3. Do not overfill the boxes. You’ll probably end up breaking a few things. Don’t under fill either. Under filled boxes may collapse if stacked under heavy boxes. Try to keep a right balance.
4. Make sure that your removal company visits your home before moving so as to get a brief idea on how to work things out.
5. Try colour-coding the boxes. Not only will it help the man and van team while moving stuff to correct place but also you in finding things later.
6. We love our neighbours so let us keep them in mind too. Inform them in advance that a removal truck will be parked outside your home.
7. FOOD! Keep a stock of food and refreshment drinks ready. Hey, removal people are mere mortals. Let them focus on their work and you focus on their hydration.
8. Do you love you crockery and other glassware? Of course, you do. Keep them in a separate box rolled in bubble wrap and mark the boxes as “FRAGILE” and “THIS SIDE UP” to ensure you keep loving them for a long time.
9. Last but definitely not the least; DO ASK and check with your removal company if they provide with general insurance to cover any mishaps during the transit.

Looks like you are all set to move. Feel free to contact us and let us make sure that everything else goes like a fairy tale.

We also do man and van Notting Hill Gate,man and van Landbroke Grove,man and van Bayswater and man and van Holland Park.

You can mail us to get a removals quote in London:

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