5 tips for easy student removals

5 tips for easy student removalsTip 1: Empty the wardrobes or change the clothes. Whether you plan to move to study abroad or in another neighboring city – you probably plan to buy new clothes, shoes and other articles to fill the new wardrobes. However, if you plan to take a little bit of your old or perhaps most favorite clothes with yourself – make sure not to forget them. Empty the old wardrobes and review everything. Make another separate bag or a huge box and label it “Wardrobe issues”. Once it would be easier to rearrange the new wardrobe and two it will give you an easier way for arrangement instead of strolling and searching in numerous boxes for your favorite scarf, for example.

Tip 2: Get yourself plenty of removal boxes from every size, shape or material. This will help you to protect better your study removals and to prepare them for a long trip. When you get an array of boxes and bags – it would also be easier to select the best ones that suite your needs. The choice of the perfect removal box is important in order to protect your items. The perfect removal box shape and size is the perfect way to avoid any void space inside the box and so to enhance the risk of turning or rolling of the box in the removal van. The perfect matching box size eliminates the need for using extra protection measurements as well. For instance, you don`t need to stuff blankets and soft fabrics between the walls of the boxes and the TV screen or your favorite picture, because the right box should flawlessly match the sizes and dimensions of the objects in it. The perfect removal box seals and tightens all the items inside so to secure them for all the imperfections on the terrain like bumps, sharp turns, steep routes, etc. Not to mention that the smaller boxes are easier for unloading and handling even by just one man, as well as easier for unwrapping and sorting, for recycling… Of course – the small boxes are not that overwhelming sights to watch in your new house compared to some 1 by 1 meter giant heavy cubes perched in the middle of the studying area.

Tip 3: Call your helpers at least a couple of days in advance and tell them about the moving day`s details. Prepare protective gloves for heavy lifting and ensure an easy access to your home.

Tip 4: Make a sketching or a drawing of the floor plan of your new home, especially when moving for study. Even the simplest sketching can show your helpers where exactly to unload the boxes. Meanwhile, it would be easier for yourself with the arrangement of the objects and the furnishings when you have a drawing with the exact location of each box from your moving checklist. This is especially useful for some truly big and heavy items. In the best case, you just have to unwrap the box or the protective covering and perhaps to slightly lift the corners of the giant desk to unwrap it, without the need for heavy lifting of the desk in order to put it its place.

Tip 5: Use small and numerous boxes when moving the library or other papers for the study area. The yet small and compact books may seem light and easy for handling, but when they`re piled and stacked in a huge box – it will become perhaps the heaviest removal box for handling. That`s why put as much as a dozen books in a box.