Are you in Need of a Man And Van Service?

man and van londonAs London becomes more and more congested, one of the largest problems is in growing population and the increasing demand for man and van services. Within this niche industry there are many companies charging outrageous prices by exploiting the lack of educated customers within this developing market. Is there anything you can do to ensure you don’t get taken advantage of when I’m in need of a man and van service?
 Many like to ask why not just hire a van and do the moving myself? While this may seem like an economical decision, the market for man and van services has actually leveled quite nicely to that of van rentals. For example, a van rental service can range from 90 pounds up to 150 pounds. Keep in mind this is before the fuel charges, insurance, and any other extra charges that they may throw your way. Then you either need to move EVERYTHING yourself, our you will have to trouble your friends to help you box everything up. Why go through all that trouble when you can hire a man and van for half a day for only 100 pounds? That’s already cheaper then just renting the van itself! The question is, how do I choose my man and van company when there are so many out there?
A google search for “Man and Van in London” will yield an astonishing amount of results, and upon further inspection, most areas of London will have multiple man and van companies within the same area. How can you tell who is honest and who might charge you a ridiculous price? At the end of the day, it really boils down to the specifics. Where are you located right now, and where are you moving to? Do you need boxes, bubble wrap, or any other packaging materials? All of these could potentially be extra costs for you. Because there are so many of these companies at the moment, and anyone with a van can basically start providing this service, you really need to look into each one individually and see if their customers are satisfied, and check of the individual is actually qualified. This can be an extremely tedious task, as your main source of research would be internet reviews, and in this day and age, internet reviews can easily be faked.
        At this site you will be able to find a collection of man and van services ranked by their districts. As someone who has dealt with many of these companies, I have found that many of them tend to be less than honest at times. Specifically in regards to pricing. There are also many that like to advertise a low price but then add on many surcharges when its time to pay the bill. I’ve put together this site in hopes that you as a consumer will have a smoother experience than I did when I was in need of such a service. There are constantly new services popping up, feel free to send us a message if you have any information on new man and van services!