How to Clean an Apartment or House when You Move Out: The Outside

How to Clean an Apartment or House when You Move Out: The Outside

Make it Appealing to Potential Renters 

When it comes time to move out the place that you are renting, whether it is a house or apartment, you may have to do a bit of cleaning outside of the rented unit in order to get your deposit. Think back to when you first moved in, what was the condition of the outside. In order to get that deposit back there may have to be some things that you will have to do before you turn in the keys for your and van

Look for Holes

Bury any wholes that were dug in the ground during the time that you rented the house or apartment. It is most likely that any holes that were dug in the yard were dug by an animal, so if you have a dog you will want to make sure that they did not dig any holes that will bother the landlord in your back or front yard of the place that you are renting.

Look for Debris

You most definitely will want to make sure that you pick up everything that is outside, garbage, toys, anything that may be in the yard areas of the house or apartment that you are renting.

Leave the Lawn Looking Nice

If you can help it, depending on the season that it is during the time that you will be moving out will affect what you can do for the yard, leave the grass cut and looking a nice shade of green. If there are any outside plants you will want to water them one last time before you leave.

Clean the Doors and Windows

Make sure that there isn’t any dirt on the outside of the doors or on the outside of the windows of the place that you are renting.

Porches and Walkways May Need to Be Hosed Down

You can quickly wash off sidewalks or walkways to your house or apartment by spraying it with a hose. You may be able to do this to your porch but sweeping will work well too.


Garages and Outbuildings Can Still Count as Needing to Be Cleaned

You may be charged for the time that it takes the person or people to clean up outbuildings and the garage cans of the place that you were renting, so be sure to clean them up really well also.

When you are outside cleaning up remember that if the landlord has to hire someone to clean the premises after you leave they will deduct money and possibly charge you in addition to the deposit if they feel that the deposit did not cover all of the expenses that they had in order to get the place that you rented clean enough to show to the next potential renter. A landlord may pay someone as much as twenty dollars an hour for their cleaning service and that is the wage you will ultimately be paying if you don’t leave the apartment or house outside area in good condition.

Tips by Man and Van UK

Calming The Stresses Of A Demanding Residential Move

Calming The Stresses Of A Demanding Residential Move

A residential move is something that no homeowner wants to deal with, but in some instances it is necessary. If you are planning an upcoming move, you are most likely feeling a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress. Well, you are in luck, because this article will provide you with several tips to help calm your nerves. Of course, this will not be possible without Man and Van Removals.

man and van

Devising a To-Do List

In order to pull off a move successfully, you will need to get organized. Hopefully you have some organizational skills, because you will need them for this task. Get out your paper and pen, so you can start arranging your items in packing boxes. Create a box for each room in your home, for instance you should place all of your china in one box and all of your bedroom décor in another. This will definitely help keep all of your personal items together, so you will not need to run from room to room, when unpacking them. Be sure to label the box and then jot the information down on your paper for your filing needs.

Supplies Galore

You can never have too much packing supplies and as a matter of fact that would not be a bad idea. You definitely do not want to be forced to fill the boxes so full that they will be unmanageable. You can actually check with your local grocery store and thrift shop to see if they have any used boxes to give away. Purchase plenty of packing tape, since this will secure the contents inside, so they will not fall out during the move. Bubble wrap will also come in handy for wrapping glasses or other fragile items this will keep them safe and sound during the big move.

Overnight Bag

If this is your first move, you may not understand the difficulties of trying to find a personal item that is stored in one of the packing boxes. Instead, you should eliminate this potential issue, beforehand by packing an overnight bag. Place all of your medications, hygiene items, checkbook, credit card, laptop, change of clothing, and any other essentials that you may need. This will keep everything nice and orderly, so you can focus on the task, instead of being forced to spend hours looking for a misplaced item.


You will need to find time to clean your new home, before the big moving day. If you do not have time to complete this task, you can always hire a cleaning service to do the job for you. Pre-cleaning the bathroom and kitchen area is a must, since you can never trust the previous owners or realtor to have done the job. This is also a great opportunity for you to hang your drapery, shower curtain, and stock your refrigerator with plenty of nutritional foods.

Diagrams and Photos

If you have electronics that require a special wiring and connections, you should definitely sit down and draw a diagram of the wires location. If you want to speed up the process, you can always use your iPhone to take pictures of the wire diagram. This will definitely prevent you from having to guess where the wires go, when you are hooking the device up in your new home.


Hiring a Professional Moving Company

Moving is never easy and in fact it can be very overwhelming. If you do not have a large group of friends or family members that are willing to help you move, then there is no way that you can take on this task by yourself. Instead, you should hire the professional and experienced Man and Van moving company. This moving crew will enter your home, do all of the packing, and relocate your personal items to your new within a few hours, without mishap.


It is important to follow the above steps, so your move will go smoothly. Hiring a professional moving crew will be your best option, since it is not possible to take on this task alone.

Man and Van: Best Removal Service in London

Man and Van: Best Removal Service in London

Have you ever heard the term that is a man and a van? It is a common term to refer to a light removal service from and to places. So many people are looking for a man and van services when they are in no need of a full on removal services. That is why Man and Van London is the perfect company to hire when you need such services. Man and Van London is your best option when it comes to light removal service for so many reasons. We will give you clues why in these following explanations.

Man and Van

Wide Space in the Van

The van that is used by man and van London is not just a regular one. They provide their client with the best and the highest quality of van that you will ever see. The van is specifically referred as the extra-long wheel base high roof vehicle which is the most optimal van for moving purposes. With a 4 meters length and almost two meters length of both width and height it is the perfect van to move your stuff out. You can put in practically everything in your house starting from bed, sofa, and TV.

Cheap Hourly Price

Man and Van UK is cheap hire compared to any other type of removal services. For a full on removal services, the overall price would be thirty five quid per hours. That price is including a van and a man that will help you move but not carrying and lifting your stuff. If you want your driver to help you lift then you should opt for the fifty quid per hour package. Man and Van UK do not usually offer removal services on the weekend. For that reason, they will charge a ten percent more for a weekend removal services.


Advantages of different removal companies for different locations

Advantages of different removal companies for different locations

Advantages of different removal companies for different locationsEvery kind of a removal service has its own unique specs and advantages and the big house removals make no exceptions. For instance, you have to take into account the distance, the road traffic in the holidays and the time of the year when planning a big domestic relocation. It`s also essential to keep in mind your job`s schedule and your kid`s school terms, as well as availability of the removal agency and yet that`s just a hint of what`s to come. Take a look for more:

– The small removal companies like man with a van or companies that offer only rental vans are all that you need to plan a small relocation with bags and boxes that just can`t fit into your normal car. Because of that, hiring only a van and doing everything by yourself will save you time and efforts, while enjoying the move like a pro in the meantime. The cargo space of the moving vans is a space to arrange as easy as you like or maybe you prefer the complex arrangement with boxes on top of other boxes, sorted by size, volume and the type of handling. A small removal van is perfect for a relocation at close distance, for example, for a short vacation in the summertime to see parents in the nearby city or perhaps for study removals to a different point in the same city. On the other hand, the smaller removal vans are just perfect for a relocation in the Downtown of a big contemporary city. The removals UK like the removals in London are such a case, where you probably want to hire a smaller removal van so to move easily through the small roads or to avoid easily traffic jams and heavy road traffic in the middle of the day. Take all the options into account when searching for a smaller removal van and, of course, don`t forget that it`s the cheapest opt for a professional relocation.


Hiring a bigger van with a man or a van with two, three or more men is the perfect opt if you plan a bigger moving house activity like a relocation with all the family members, or like moving the objects and the items from a two-story house to another similar house. The professional experience of the moving crew is in this way indispensable and so they can help you to deal with all the heavy boxes and furnishings to feel the relocation like a game, a journey.

– The removal companies specialized in office removals are exactly that you need when planning office removals even when it comes to small office removals. The professional moving agents take care not only for the transportation of your items and machines, but also connection of office equipment, warranty programs, negotiation with power suppliers, recycling programs, etc. Just ask your moving coordinator for all the possible options and their complimentary services and find out exactly that you`re looking for.

– Moving to a house with a huge garden or a backyard requires some specific removal services as well. Selecting the perfect removal van`s location of the door is just a hint. From a rear door to a rear sliding door that`s perfect if you want to park the van parallel to the fence – there is a myriad of factors and advantages of the moving vans and the removal companies.

Relocation with a moving van advices

Relocation with a moving van advices

Relocation with a moving van advicesA moving van is all that you need for your big house removals, but the choice of the right van is that makes it a little bit difficult choice. Call your removal company and discuss all the details about the move, and it`s always a great idea to review in advance the different options for moving vans. For example, relocation with a small van is recommended when your removal boxes and items are just a little bit bigger than your car and so they can`t fit into it, as well as small enough to need a small moving van. The small vans also offer the comfort and ease of transportation through small streets or within the Downtown in a busy rush hour morning, for example. The small vans require quite less space for parking and so you don`t need to aware your neighbors to secure free space for parking in front of your new house. That`s only a hint of all the advantages of the small moving vans.

The medium-sized and the vans with greater cargo volumes are recommended for big house removals, for example, when moving furniture or the items from a 2-storey  house. The bigger volume of the van gives you more free space to organize the area as you want or you can call man with a van to help you with the arrangement of your belongings in the van. The help from the man is indispensable when you have to deal with heavy or truly gigantic removal boxes as well. There are even companies that offer big vans with two, three or more men, who can take good care of your items and belongings at each step of the relocation. The third main advice is to hire a huge removal truck for relocation. The trucks have the largest cargo volume and so you can fit there some extremely large or heavy objects like aquariums, pianos, fitness equipment, etc.


Begin with the organization of the relocation via man and van at least a week before the moving date. Thus, you will have plenty of free time to discuss all the details with the moving agency and so not to rush in the last moment. The more the time for reviewing and organizing the checklists and the removal boxes – the easier the organization at the moving date and respectively the loading of the moving van.

Take your free time to check out the route to your new home as well. It comes not only to select the shortest or the easiest road for a transportation if you plan to do everything by yourself including the drive, but also to check out the road in front your new house for any imperfections on the terrain. Tell your new neighbors about the moving day so they let you park the moving van for a longer time in front the house, especially if your new house is adjacent to the neighboring one and when you hire a bigger removal van in Barnes. Inspect the route to your front door for any imperfections like bumps, stairs, bushes, fallen branches, etc., as well as the location of the front door if it overlooks a huge garden, for example. This will give you a better orientation whether to hire a van with a rear or a sliding side door.

Organize your removal boxes and bags in checklists! It would be quite easier to supervise the loading and unloading the moving van when all the boxes and objects are labeled according to a checklist.

Go For Man and Van Service Provider and Save Yourself From The Hassles of Relocating

Go For Man and Van Service Provider and Save Yourself From The Hassles of Relocating

Relocation is a part of life. Like it is said, nothing is forever. People often have to move to some other place, city, state or even country. When it comes to relocating, the worst part that one has to handle is the transportation of personal belongings and household items, such as furniture, home appliances, etc. Without any doubt, it takes a lot of effort and time to pack the items, find a large vehicle for transportation, load the items, and then finally unload them at your destination. What if all the tasks are handled by professionals? Well, this would help you save a lot of time and energy as well. You will be able to move peacefully to your new destination. This is the reason why people always prefer Man and Van services.

Moving With Man And Van

What is Man and Van?

From the term itself you might have got a little idea about it. This kind of services involves a transportation van accompanied by a professional driver. Once you hire a company that offers Man and Van services, it will be their responsibility to pack the items at your home, with proper care. They will also do the loading of the packed items from the point of origin. The drivers hired by the reputed agencies are quite professional and trained. So, you can definitely feel relaxed as your belongings are in safe hands. Once the van reaches its destination, the company will unload the items at the doorstep of your new home. So, you will be saved from the hassles of loading/unloading and transporting the items.

The Benefits You Get

Apart from the obvious benefit of saving yourself from the hassles of transportation, there are many more hidden benefits of hiring a Man and Van London Company. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Damage-less Transportation: These service providers know how to pack different items. They implement different techniques for packing wardrobe, bed, TV, refrigerator, dining table, etc. It is quite obvious that you cannot pack your TV set in the same way as your wardrobe, and not expect it to break during the movement. For this reason, it is better to leave the process and procedure of packing for the experts. They can save you from the possibilities of incurring damage.

  • Injury-free Relocation- When it comes to packing heavy items like wardrobe, bed, sofa, dining table, etc. it certainly takes good amount of physical work. Lifting heavy items may cause accidental injury, such as muscle pulls. Without any doubt, relocation becomes even tougher under such circumstances. In order to avoid such bad happenings, it is better to hire a Man and Van company. They carry various tools which are used for packing, loading and unloading the bulky items.

So, those were two other benefits of hiring Man and Van services. There are plenty of companies and you can find their contact information in the web world. Before you hire, it would be better if you check out their reviews, compare their fees, and choose a service provider as per your convenience and judgment.


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Man And Van -Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Man And Van

Man And Van -Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Man And Van

There are many things to consider, before you actually hire a moving company. The first thing that you should do is sit back and imagine yourself tackling the job. You will also need to weigh the pros and cons of hiring a moving company. Below you will discover some vital tips that will help you make this decision in a very formal manner, so that you will be fully satisfied with your selection. Man and Van moving company is ready to tackle your small and large jobs, today.

man and van

Thorough Checklist

A professional moving company will have a checklist that they use for determining a true estimate. There are many measurements that need to be factored into this process, but this is nothing that you should have to be concerned with. The estimator will be able to work their way through your home and come out with a final, but genuine estimate. They will total up the rooms, storage spaces, and garages that contain items that need to be packed up and transported. Man and Van only hires qualified, professional employees that follow a strict guideline to calculate and form a genuine estimate.

Avoid Paying Up Front

If you are not familiar with the moving company, you should never agree to pay large deposits up front, because this may potentially decrease your control over the moving process. It is vital that you wait and pay upon delivery, if a specific moving company attempts to try and force you to pay the deposit beforehand, be sure to search for another removal company.


When attempting to determine, whether or not you should hire a man and van removal company, there are many different things that should be taken into account. Still, there is truthfully only one con associated with this type of service. This particular con would undoubtedly be the price of the service. Although it is possible to shop around and find better deals, these services are still going to be a little costly. With this in mind, you must contemplate all of the pros, before making your decision.

Are the pros capable of overwhelming and conquering the overall cost? Most individuals will agree that they definitely do!


At the end of the day, a man and van is typically well worth it. They’ll be able to help you get the job done, without much trouble. Are they a little more expensive? Yep, but most agree that the price is generally well worth it. With their services, you’ll be able to relax, while they go to work and take the stress off of your shoulders.

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Man And Van Hire – Simplifying The Process Of Hiring A Moving Company

Man And Van Hire – Simplifying The Process Of Hiring A Moving Company

Man And Van UK-Removals And European RemovalsIt is never simple to move, but it is even more difficult to find the perfect moving company. There are several things that you can do to simplify the process of hiring professional movers. Of course, you will need to do a bit of research, but this will help assure you that the company is professional, qualified, and capable of carrying out the process. If you truly want to protect yourself and your precious assets, you should consider selecting Man and Van Hire.

Gathering Vital Measurements

Before you contact the moving company, you should gather some key information that will be required, in order to get an accurate moving quote.

  • Obtain Square Footage of Home
  • How Many Rooms of Furniture
  • Number of Extremely Large Items
  • Distance From Current Residence to New Location

It is vital that you obtain precise measurements, because you want the quote to be as accurate, as possible. Extra fees will be added, if you miscalculate. If you are unsure of your measuring skills, you can always request the help of Man and Van Hire. They will gladly come out to your home and acquire these measurements for you.

Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

Are you finding yourself in a situation, where you are going to be forced to move your family to another region? You are going to have a huge task ahead of you with lots of backbreaking work. With that being said, you always have the option of hiring a moving company. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind, when looking for the perfect removal company.


Research is going to be the key to hiring a removal company. Ask yourself how long have they been in business? Experience always makes a difference and a good track record shows that a company is reliable and delivers on time. Some items cannot be replaced like heirlooms, so insurance is a must. If you have lots of valuables such as expensive paintings or furniture, you want to ensure yourself that you will receive reimbursement, if these items are damaged. Never hire a moving company that does not have insurance in force. Man and Van Hire are fully insured, so your precious heirlooms will be safe, during packing and transport.

Pros: Man and Van Hire

  • Movers will take on all the responsibilities of packing and moving
  • Your items are going to be handled with great care
  • Licensed professionals that have been in business for many years
  • No rental truck required
  • Moving fees will be economically feasible
  • Reduction risk of injuries
  • Will take care of International and customs paperwork

Call Man and Van , today for a free moving quote.

Benefit of hiring Man And Van company in London

Benefit of hiring Man And Van  company in London

man and van So you are staying in London and will move to other area in near time? It is advisable to hire one of removals companies available around London. There are many benefits if you hire them to do the job instead do it yourself.

The type of removal companies

There are two common type of removal companies; man and van and the other is nationwide company. Man and van London company usually will give you best driver who know the area and well-checked and well-maintenance van. This will ensure you to move in the scheduled time without risking your belongings. The nationwide company usually have settled and more professional drivers.

The benefits

As stated earlier, there are many benefits of hiring removal company, even if you choose man and van or nationwide company.

1. Save more of your precious time

2. You don’t need to do all the work alone

3. The men from the company will pack your stuff. It usually include in the fee that you will pay for their service

4. You don’t have to break the leg or leave grease in your elbow

5. They available 24/7, so you can use their service at your need

6. They have various types of van and the price will be based on the van’s size and how many men needed to complete the work

7. They usually can take care of valuable or volatile goods in good manner to keep it safe, so you don’t need to worry


How much they will cost you?

Most of removal companies will charge you hourly rate to finish the job. They will charge you more if the location based on fuel cost; the further the van goes, the more expensive it will cost you. Sometimes they even have different rate for the moving cost during peak season. But there are also companies that charge you depend on the size of the van and men needed to complete the job. You need to pay full in advance and that’s all. They won’t charge you for any other extra services.

You have to think about the safety of your stuff when choose the removal company. You want them arrive at your new place in one piece right? So before hiring a removal company, you have to know their detailed services, look for the cost and also review from previous customers. This will help you find the best company to do the job. Now moving time shouldn’t be a big problem, right?

Man and van: why should you hire such services

Man and van: why should you hire such services

man and vanChange is the way of life, and everybody has to change in order to gain something and adjust to the changing environment. People tend to experience a considerable amount of change when they relocate themselves, because it is when they physically realize that change has happened and they can’t take much hold of it. They try and inculcate all of their old memories in the new place, but somehow owing to many constraints they are not able to, as a result of which they tend to become nostalgic and sad because they leave out their old belongings at their old place.

But with the change in century and mindset of people and the man’s thrive to innovate; there lies a solution to every problem. In order to redefine the relocation process and make it handy Man and van services are operating their business in almost every part of the world in some form or another. What these companies do they simply transport your goods from one place to another in their huge vans so as to have minimum or no damage to your goods and belongings while transporting, as a result of which, your headache of packaging and transporting your big stuffs and belongings is washed away, leaving only you in person to be transported from the old place to the new place, which is not a big task in actual.


Not only Man with a van service help to relocate households, they also tend to help you shift your big corporate offices, they know each and every bit of their business and therefore take proper care of each and every document and belonging to be transported. Now a days there is a proper transit insurance facility is also available so as to have a sense of satisfaction in the mind of consumer regarding the safe transportation of goods.

Man and van services operate in many different countries with different names and style, as in some places the amount of goods to be transported are measured in terms of their weight and the corresponding price is set then, at many places they keep the track of the volume of goods to be transported and then the price is set. Moreover, these companies have all the customer support available on the phone where you can ask any query regarding the price and the way they are going to transport your goods.

Man and van service became popular in the early part of this century, when many people started migrating to new places in search of better opportunities, in the midst of that period people realized the importance of having a formal and organized way to transport goods from one place to another, as a result of which Man with a van service was started and is now very popular among people who need to relocate themselves frequently.

Innovation is what drives mankind, without it, life becomes stagnant and there is no fun in living, the thirst to improve and find out something new is always a man’s passion and this where service like Man and van comes into picture which is innovating itself to serve the people better in relocating their houses, business, shops and etc.