Making cross country moving possible

Making cross country moving possible

Making cross country moving possibleThere are few options available for you, if you plan to move away from your country. You can choose to fly and you can also choose to travel by road by driving your own car. Similarly, you also have few options available for removals. You can hire a moving van or can send your possessions through shipping and you can also rent a crate. You can schedule the removals as per your convenience. It is also possible that you pack up your complete stuff and then start travelling to your destination while scheduling the rented moving van in such a way that it might arrive as soon as you arrive at your location or after a couple of days. You can do some research for finding out the best solution for yourself in terms of convenience, budget and time. When you have finally planned for moving house then there are few things that you need to take care of. Moving cross country is not as simple and easy as it seems to be. It needs extra care, concern and time to move cross country. Extra care, attention and research are required so that nothing is missed and everything is done properly. Any careless attitude might create a lot of panic and your excitement of moving house will be faded. Following are few tips and tricks that must be adapted in order to manage your moving in the best possible ways.

You must make a list of all the major things like furniture, vehicle and other heavy items that you need to take along with you. By making such a list will benefit you in two ways; first you will be able to estimate the value of the things that you need to take along with you. It will allow you to compare the cost of moving van and your possessions. Now you can check if your belongings are worthy enough to hire a moving van or not. Secondly, making this list will make it possible for you to have check at your items so that nothing is missed.

Always keep in mind that if the value of shipment becomes more than the value of buying new items then it is better to sell out that old stuff and plan to buy new one after reaching at your destination.


Take photograph of all the stuff when you are done with your packing before removal. These photographs will make it possible for you to memorize the condition of you items. In case of any kind of damage to your items you can demand the company for insurance. For this reason, it is required that you must hire an insured moving company.

Always schedule your moving by checking the fares so that you might get the lowest possible fare. This will allow you to save huge amount of money. You must also prepare one hand luggage that will be kept with you. For this, you must know that how much luggage is allowed by your airline. You must pack up the luggage by keeping this in mind that you might not get your luggage for few days. So, you must keep all the necessary belongings with you including your clothes, mobile phone, chargers, important documents and other daily used stuff like glass, plate, cup and spoon.

In this way, if you are going to have an eye over each and everything then your cross country moving will be successful.

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Man and van Service: your helping hand at dire times

Man and van Service: Your Helping Hand At Dire Times

man and vanOften people tend to relocate themselves in search of better opportunities or owing to the requirement of the company in which they are working, the latter being termed as transfers. People always like to take with them their old belongings with them to structure their new places with the old stuffs and belongings. This is a common human approach and is viable too, because it demands money and effort to buy new stuffs each time you change your living location. The biggest problem lies when people tend to leave out or sell out some of their old belongings which they find difficult to transport owing to their size or something, this is where comes in Man and van services, these are the companies which operates big vans to transport each of their goods into their new place safely and timely.

Often called by different names in different countries the Man with a van is a service highly operated in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zeland, Canada, each having their own set of rules to decide the price of transporting goods from one place to another. In the USA the price of Man and van service is decided in terms of weight to be transported, distance to cover and in the time frame in which it is to be transported, whereas in the UK it is calculated in terms of volume. There are various companies offering Man and van services in the respective part of the world, each offering their own incentives and price for transporting goods and people from one place to another.

The basic idea of evolution of this service goes to the problem which people used to face while transporting their goods and stuffs to the new places when they tend to shift from their old place in search of better job opportunity or circumstances tend to force them to do so. So someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, acknowledged this problem and started the service under the caption Man with a van, meaning Man helping out in relocating by driving Van. Such is the human tendency to snip out solutions from existing problems, combining them with the monetary idea and help set the trends which others follow in the same line to earn their living and providing service to the people who require them.

Van services have all the proper arrangements to transport your goods from one place to another safely and comfortably, now days a proper transit insurance is also done of goods to be transported in order to insure a kind of satisfaction that the goods are transported safely, although the insurance incurs an extra cost but you get a satisfaction that they are transported safely, although it is the job of man and van companies to transport goods safely, as their entire business is based on this notion only.

So sit back and relax, if you are planning to relocate than you don’t have to leave your belongings at your old place, you can easily transport them to new place with the help of Man and van services.

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Residential Moving Company In London

Residential Moving Company In London

You’re Not Moving? You Still Might Need Man And VanMan and Van is a highly reputable removal company that is located in London. If you are planning that big move, you should look no further than these professionals to lend you a hand. Below you will discover why this removal company is highly recommended, by the community, former and current clients, and others.

Customizing a Package

Most individuals would question a customizable option, when it comes to residential or commercial moving, but it is possible with Man and Van. If you are only in need of a small bit of assistance, during your move, then you will definitely have that option. You will never be forced to pay more for services that you do not need. All you need to do to start modifying your move is call this professional moving company, today.

Exceeding Your Expectations

Yes! A local or international move is very stressful and requires a lot of planning. Sometimes you just need the help of a competent and experienced moving company, along your way. Most individuals have some familiarity about moving, but there are some that have never experienced such a strenuous task. Well, there is no need for you take on this task, by yourself, when this exceptional moving company is more than willing to take control of the entire project.

Never Too Small or Too Large

Do not fret, if you only have a one-room move, because this will never be an issue. Man and Van is capable of handling any type of move. If you own a very large established and will be requiring a sustainable amount of assistance, you can count on this professional crew. Your move is their top priority, so you will be able to relax, while all the difficult work is in progress.

Local, Long Distance, or International

Of course, a local move is always easier than an international relocation. When moving overseas, you will be faced with a bit of paperwork to complete, before you are granted access to the country. If you are not familiar with these regulations, you will definitely become stressed, when you learn of them. With Man and Van, you will not need to be concerned, because they will act, as a forwarder and handle the entire process of the move for you.


Your options will include packing or unpacking, shipping, and delivering your goods to your new destination. As soon as you find out that relocation is a possibility, in your near future, be sure to not hesitate and call Man and Van, to schedule your upcoming move.


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Advantages Of Using A Professional Moving Company

Man and Van londonA residential move is never something that one wants to think about, let alone have to deal with, but sometimes a state or international relocation is inevitable. Of course, you will have to decide, whether or not a removal company is appropriate for your situation. Below you will discover the many advantages of utilizing Man and Van London.

Local Familiarity

Most local movers are going to be very familiar with the area, since they reside and work in that particular location. This can be very useful for the client, especially if they are residing in a different region. The professional will be able to point you in the right direction of the public facilities, grade school, police department, and the local hospital. While this may not seem like a genuinely huge deal, it is for someone that is unfamiliar with the city.

Insured Items

If you choose to pack your belongings, in a van and transport them to your new home, with Man and Van Removals, you may be making the right decision. You are never fully insured or protected from theft, if you take on the full responsibility of the move. A professional moving company will be fully insured and be able to ensure you that you are protected under their insurance policy. You will also have the option of obtaining extra insurance coverage, just in case, you own some very valuable heirlooms or personal items. Remember, you can never be over-insured, but you can definitely be underinsured.

Saving Your Back

Packing, lifting, and moving heavy items are never an easy task. Why should you risk your health and back, when you have the option of hiring Man and Van London to do all of the strenuous work for you? The morning of the move, the moving crew will arrive at your home and begin the arduous task, so that you never have to lift a finger. This can be completed, while you are at work, school, or completing your final errands, before your big move. These professionals are very trustworthy and have been put through the test, so you can feel comfortable and safe, while they are in your home.

No Second Guessing

Never trust a moving company that cannot provide you with an accurate moving quote. These fraudsters are just waiting to take advantage of someone like you. Everyone feels vulnerable, when they are forced to relocate to another city, but Man and Van Removals will work diligently to relieve your stress, anxiety, and vulnerability. An accurate and precise quote is waiting for you and all you need to do is give them a call, today.

Customizable Plans

Most removal companies do not offer the option of customizable moving plans, but Man and Van is the exception, because they will allow you to customize a package that will suit your needs. This is definitely a wonderful option, since no one should be forced to pay for extra services that they cannot possibly use.

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What Type Of Items Can Be Included In A Residential Removal

What Type Of Items Can Be Included In A Residential Removal

man and van londonMost individuals only consider a moving company capable of packing and transporting china, décor, and other household items, but this is only a myth. Man and Van is highly skillful and experienced enough to handle innumerable types of items. Below you will discover a short list of items that can easily be packaged and shipped from one location to another, without mishap.


If you are considering a corporate or individual removal, you may be concerned about your precious electronics. Many moving companies are not competent enough to deal with electronic removals. Man and Van Removals know how expensive and important your computerized equipment is to you, so they will take all measures to protect your adding machines, personal computers, laptops, and digital electronics.

Work Tools & Equipment

Power and mechanical tools can be quite large and heavy. This type of equipment must be protected at all cost, especially during relocations. Smaller equipage will be securely and appropriately packed into boxes and transported from your current residence to your new home. Larger equipage will be wrapped securely with pads, so that it does not get damaged during the move.

Canvas Oil Paintings

Canvas oil paintings must be packed and transported differently than other items. It is vital that these expensive items do not get exposed to any type of moisture, so it is important to wrap them with bubble wrap, and then place them into the appropriate size cardboard boxes. Extra padding is added to each corner of the frame, so that it cannot wiggle around during movement. This packing technique will keep your precious paintings safe and secure throughout the entire removal.

Sculptures & Statues

Statues are an odd-shaped item, so packing and transporting them is very difficult, especially, if they are extremely heavy. Since they are bulky special preparation must be considered to protect them from damage during transit. A double-walled moving box or wood shipping crate will be utilized, if the sculpture is extremely large and bulky. Once the sculpture is packed securely, pads will be placed over them to provide a double protected layer just in case.


Just be aware that there are no items that are too small or large for Man and Van. This professional moving company can also help exhibitors relocate their trade show items from the warehouse to the exhibition hall, as often as required. If you are relocating because of a new job, marital status change, or health reasons do not hesitate to contact these expert movers for your free moving quote, today.

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5 tips for easy student removals

5 tips for easy student removalsTip 1: Empty the wardrobes or change the clothes. Whether you plan to move to study abroad or in another neighboring city – you probably plan to buy new clothes, shoes and other articles to fill the new wardrobes. However, if you plan to take a little bit of your old or perhaps most favorite clothes with yourself – make sure not to forget them. Empty the old wardrobes and review everything. Make another separate bag or a huge box and label it “Wardrobe issues”. Once it would be easier to rearrange the new wardrobe and two it will give you an easier way for arrangement instead of strolling and searching in numerous boxes for your favorite scarf, for example.

Tip 2: Get yourself plenty of removal boxes from every size, shape or material. This will help you to protect better your study removals and to prepare them for a long trip. When you get an array of boxes and bags – it would also be easier to select the best ones that suite your needs. The choice of the perfect removal box is important in order to protect your items. The perfect removal box shape and size is the perfect way to avoid any void space inside the box and so to enhance the risk of turning or rolling of the box in the removal van. The perfect matching box size eliminates the need for using extra protection measurements as well. For instance, you don`t need to stuff blankets and soft fabrics between the walls of the boxes and the TV screen or your favorite picture, because the right box should flawlessly match the sizes and dimensions of the objects in it. The perfect removal box seals and tightens all the items inside so to secure them for all the imperfections on the terrain like bumps, sharp turns, steep routes, etc. Not to mention that the smaller boxes are easier for unloading and handling even by just one man, as well as easier for unwrapping and sorting, for recycling… Of course – the small boxes are not that overwhelming sights to watch in your new house compared to some 1 by 1 meter giant heavy cubes perched in the middle of the studying area.

Tip 3: Call your helpers at least a couple of days in advance and tell them about the moving day`s details. Prepare protective gloves for heavy lifting and ensure an easy access to your home.

Tip 4: Make a sketching or a drawing of the floor plan of your new home, especially when moving for study. Even the simplest sketching can show your helpers where exactly to unload the boxes. Meanwhile, it would be easier for yourself with the arrangement of the objects and the furnishings when you have a drawing with the exact location of each box from your moving checklist. This is especially useful for some truly big and heavy items. In the best case, you just have to unwrap the box or the protective covering and perhaps to slightly lift the corners of the giant desk to unwrap it, without the need for heavy lifting of the desk in order to put it its place.

Tip 5: Use small and numerous boxes when moving the library or other papers for the study area. The yet small and compact books may seem light and easy for handling, but when they`re piled and stacked in a huge box – it will become perhaps the heaviest removal box for handling. That`s why put as much as a dozen books in a box.

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Professional Helpers of House Removals

Man and VanMoving may be one of the biggest decisions one can make in their life. Moving to a new job, moving to a new social circle, or moving to a new place to live, either of those is equally quite a change. And everybody knows that changes can cause such a stress on one’s mind. When that happens, you will need support from others, and in the case of moving to a new place, man and van London might just be the very helping hand you need to get the stress out of the removals.

Moving is never easy; you had to do the planning, the packing, the shuttling, and the unpacking carefully so that no damage is done to your belongings. Doing all that takes a lot of time and energy, and you may not exactly cut out for that. That’s why, removals service like man and van London can really help you out this time, for them to know more about the whole moving stuff and have more experience in that. Wherever you’d like to choose a place to move in across the UK, man and van London is ready to offer a quality service of removals.

Available to contact 7 days in a week, 24/7, man and van London offers not only house removals but also office removals. Whether it’s a lot of belongings or just a few items of yours, this removal service will move them to the destined place. Whether it’s near from your old place or far across UK, they will transport what’s needed to be safely. And the most important, the helpers at man and van London are trained and checked people who have experience in the business, so they will get the job done properly.

If the only thing that holds you back from contacting a removal service is your somewhat limited budget, then you can stop worrying too much. Man and van London offers a variety of payrate that you may choose accordingly. Your options are pay by hour, half or full day rate, and one other option where you pay accordingly as discussed and agreed when, for example, you need something to be fetched up in the middle of the night and be delivered to you the following day. With such flexible yet still professional helpers like them, you won’t regret spend some on quality man and van London to help you through the house removals without the stress.

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Tips On Preparing For A Residential Move

Tips On Preparing For A Residential Move

Type of Man And Van Services in LondonMany residents that are contemplating a large or small move will need to plan a stratagem. If you fail to strategize and plan your move, you will not be fully prepared, which means that anything can happen. Of course, it is never easy to stick with the plan, but it is vital, if you are hoping for a smooth transition. Below you will discover a short list of things that you can do to appropriately prepare you for your move.

Change of Address

If you do not want your mail interrupted, you will need to fill out a change of address form with your local postal service, bank, and other companies that you currently do business with. It is also important to contact your close friends and acquaintances to make them aware of your future move. You never want to lose contact with these individuals, so take the time to prepare them for your move, as well.

Contact Utility Companies

You definitely want to contact your local electric, gas, cable, and water companies to provide them with an upcoming cutoff date and take this time to give them your new address, so that you can receive the final bill. If you fail to do this task, you will be charged with utility usage that you did not utilize. These bills can rack up to a sustainable amount of money, in no time.

Packing Supplies

If you hire Man and Van Removals for your local or out-of-state move, you will never have to pack your personal belongings. The professionals will do the strenuous and time consuming task for you, if you choose to go this route, but if you prefer to do your own packing, you will need to gather up some packing supplies. You can also purchase these from the moving company or visit your local department or retail stores to request some freebies. In the long run, you may be able to save money, by allowing the movers to do all the work for you.

Furniture Placement

Arranging furniture in your new home will be quite challenging. It is always a great idea to visit your new home to draw up a diagram of each room, so that you can figure out, where you want each item placed. Give this diagram to the movers and they will gladly delegate someone to make sure that your furniture is arranged in the precise placement, so that you can focus on other important matters.


Man and Van Removals are highly recommended, by members of their community. These professionals get the job done and get it done right, so that you can relax and prepare for your new home and life.

We also do European removals and house removals.

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Avoiding Scams: Investigating The Man and Van Removal Companies

Avoiding Scams: Investigating The Man and Van Removal Companies

man and vanWhen you’re forced to move from one locale to another, you have an immense amount of responsibilities to juggle. With this in mind, you’re going to be rushing around like a chicken, with its head cut off. You might not want to sit down and collect your bearings, but it is imperative to take the time to organize and prepare, before moving forward. One way to save your self some time and money is to hire a man and van removal company. Of course, this comes with an added risk. Although the majority of these companies are totally legit, there are some that are out to take your money. Below, you’ll learn how to prepare yourself and avoid scams, when hiring a man and van moving company.

Find Removal Companies

First and foremost, you actually need to discover the companies that are out there. There are several different ways to locate the companies, which operate in your area. Below, you will find a quick overview of each of your searching options.

  • Search online – A quick search online will help you locate removal companies in your location, their websites and other contact information.
  • Ask relatives and friends – Sometimes, word of mouth is the most effective way to discover decisive information.
  • Use the phonebook – Although the information will be limited, phone numbers can help. Placing calls can help you acquire more information than the methods mentioned above.

Once you’ve found a few potentially reputable moving companies, you’ll need to begin researching them vehemently.

Begin Researching Online

Take to the Internet and you will be able to improve the amount of information that you can collect. Make sure to take the time to check out the Trading Standards website, where you will be able to find removal companies that have been approved by governmental standards. This website is tremendously helpful and allows you to discover reviews, maps and other detailed information for the companies, within your vicinity.

Testimonials and Reviews

Next, you’ll want to consider seeking out reviews and testimonials for your particular man and van moving companies. Sometimes, you will be able to find testimonials directly on the company’s website. Other times, you will need to specifically seek out this information. Thankfully, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Making a search for the company’s name and reviews can help wind down the results. Be sure to read this information and take the writer’s words to heart. If the company treated them wrongly, you may also face the same problems. Therefore, it is wise to avoid companies, which have overwhelming negative reviews and testimonials.

Using Word of Mouth

Finally, it is imperative to take the time to speak to your relatives and friends. These individuals can provide you with tremendous wisdom and knowledge. If they’ve done business with reputable companies, they can offer recommendations. At the same time, they can steer you away from troubled businesses!

Real Estate Agents

Although real estate agents are mostly interested in selling you a piece of property, they hold a wealth of knowledge. By asking them about removal companies in London, you may be able to secure the knowledge needed to make the right decision. Do not pass these individuals up and ignore them, because they have contacts and can definitely help.

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Top benefits from man and van services

Top benefits from man and van services

When searching the best opt for the big house relocation in the spring or for the long summer vacations, there is no doubt – man with a van should be the best opt. It`s cheaper, than moving via big professional removals company with different crews for every step of the move. It`s also efficient enough to take good care of all your belongings and items so you will have more free time to supervise the activities and more free time to enjoy the move. However, that`s only a hint of all the advantages and benefits from man and van services. Take a look:

Top benefits from man and van services

Another major benefit from such a service is the choice between a wide range of removal vans. Their sizes vary from firm to firm and so it`s very important to review in advance all the options. Stroll through the sites of the man and van companies in your region, and bookmark all the options that look pleasant to you. Thus, the choice of the right company should be easier and faster when you know all the possibilities. Most companies have descriptions for their vans and so you can easily find out all the important information that you need. This will help you to determine whether a small van is better for the move or a bigger and longer van should fit all your boxes and belongings more precisely and safely. Or else, if you plan a truly big souse move with all the family for a vacation or for a while – you may need to search for a removal truck. The different vans have different cargo spaces and so inner volumes. The most important thing is to select the perfect van`s volume. This will ensure a safe and easier transportation, as well as loading and unloading of the van. Another major advantage of the man with a van companies Putney is that the man knows exactly how to arrange and organize the objects in the cargo area so they will sit on their exact and perfect places to avoid any chance of turning, rolling, rotating, etc.

When hiring a man and van, you can also select the location of the door, which is also important from a more comfortable loading and unloading. For really big and heavy objects like wardrobes, beds and other furnishings – a van with two rear doors should be a better opt. Yet for the heaviest items, you may need to hire a van with a hydraulic lifting ramp. On the other hand, for small domestic removals with only a dozen boxes filled with small and light objects – hire a man with a smaller van and a sliding side door. It`s easier to park sideways to the fence of your new home and so to unload quickly. A van with a sliding door also takes less space instead of opening two bigger doors and so it`s a very appealing opt when parking in narrow spaces between the walls of the neighbors, for example. Furthermore, the faster the loading and unloading, the less time the van will be parked. This can help you to avoid any traffic jams and other troubles if you plan to relocate in the noisy Downtown of a big city, for example.

At last but not at least, the big man and van companies offer a variety of other complimentary services, which are useful and often quite important. They may include de-cluttering, recycling, storing or packing services, for example, which is difficult to find when hiring only a van.

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