Calming The Stresses Of A Demanding Residential Move

Calming The Stresses Of A Demanding Residential Move

A residential move is something that no homeowner wants to deal with, but in some instances it is necessary. If you are planning an upcoming move, you are most likely feeling a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress. Well, you are in luck, because this article will provide you with several tips to help calm your nerves. Of course, this will not be possible without Man and Van Removals.

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Devising a To-Do List

In order to pull off a move successfully, you will need to get organized. Hopefully you have some organizational skills, because you will need them for this task. Get out your paper and pen, so you can start arranging your items in packing boxes. Create a box for each room in your home, for instance you should place all of your china in one box and all of your bedroom d├ęcor in another. This will definitely help keep all of your personal items together, so you will not need to run from room to room, when unpacking them. Be sure to label the box and then jot the information down on your paper for your filing needs.

Supplies Galore

You can never have too much packing supplies and as a matter of fact that would not be a bad idea. You definitely do not want to be forced to fill the boxes so full that they will be unmanageable. You can actually check with your local grocery store and thrift shop to see if they have any used boxes to give away. Purchase plenty of packing tape, since this will secure the contents inside, so they will not fall out during the move. Bubble wrap will also come in handy for wrapping glasses or other fragile items this will keep them safe and sound during the big move.

Overnight Bag

If this is your first move, you may not understand the difficulties of trying to find a personal item that is stored in one of the packing boxes. Instead, you should eliminate this potential issue, beforehand by packing an overnight bag. Place all of your medications, hygiene items, checkbook, credit card, laptop, change of clothing, and any other essentials that you may need. This will keep everything nice and orderly, so you can focus on the task, instead of being forced to spend hours looking for a misplaced item.


You will need to find time to clean your new home, before the big moving day. If you do not have time to complete this task, you can always hire a cleaning service to do the job for you. Pre-cleaning the bathroom and kitchen area is a must, since you can never trust the previous owners or realtor to have done the job. This is also a great opportunity for you to hang your drapery, shower curtain, and stock your refrigerator with plenty of nutritional foods.

Diagrams and Photos

If you have electronics that require a special wiring and connections, you should definitely sit down and draw a diagram of the wires location. If you want to speed up the process, you can always use your iPhone to take pictures of the wire diagram. This will definitely prevent you from having to guess where the wires go, when you are hooking the device up in your new home.


Hiring a Professional Moving Company

Moving is never easy and in fact it can be very overwhelming. If you do not have a large group of friends or family members that are willing to help you move, then there is no way that you can take on this task by yourself. Instead, you should hire the professional and experienced Man and Van moving company. This moving crew will enter your home, do all of the packing, and relocate your personal items to your new within a few hours, without mishap.


It is important to follow the above steps, so your move will go smoothly. Hiring a professional moving crew will be your best option, since it is not possible to take on this task alone.