Easy steps to organize small office removals

Easy steps to organize small office removals

Easy steps to organize small office removalsMoving the office to a new city or even at short distances to the other side of the city – there is always a need for some helpful tricks and tips to do it in a better way. The big professional removal companies can take good care of everything and so you will have plenty of time for planning the moving date, for work, to meet your clients, etc. However, let`s face it, the small office removals don`t usually require a big and professional moving crew. It`s just important to follow a schedule or a checklist with the key steps to do and your office move may look like a quick ordinary day. Next is an easy example of such a checklist or a schedule with the key steps:

1. Plan the relocation in advance. Don`t rush and take your free time to consider all the options as well as items for a relocation. If you already have your biggest and heaviest items in the new office via professional moving company, what better way to reduce the cost than to deal with the small office items by yourself! A couple of weeks before the moving day usually is a good margin to organize all the paper works, clusters and other small items, as well as tell your colleagues and employees about the move of the small items.

2. Rent a moving van a few days in advance too. There is a myriad of different types of moving vans – with a different location of the door, different cargo volume, power plant and more. Find the best one that suites your needs and decide whether you will be the driver or you will hire one or two for a longer trip. The small office removals can easily fit even into the smallest van, especially when you move a small office like a home office or with a small number of employees. On the other hand, there are plenty of other important things to consider like the comfort for loading and unloading. So, choose the most appropriate van with a side or rear door, but it should be better if it`s a sliding door. The smaller vans are perfect for a drive in the city center, while the 4WD vans are better for a relocation around the mountain outskirts of the city, for example.

3. Make a floor plan of the new office to know where exactly to put the objects even if they are small and light like pens, folders, papers, cups or cables maybe. A simple sketch of the office floor is a great idea to keep in mind, which can also facilitate the unloading procedure of the professional moving crew for the biggest and heaviest objects. One should know where exactly to put a specific box and so the unpacking and unwrapping procedure will become easier as well. Just a simple sketching of the office floor is a very essential hint, which can prevent the chaos and save you a lot of time after unloading.

4. Don`t forget to inform the suppliers about the move in a new office and do it as soon as you pick a date for the move. Thus, you can take advantage of the professional help from your IT or security suppliers, for example, while packing or loading some small and light objects.

5. Make a checklist with the most important steps to do, but make another checklist with the moving items too. Even a short and simple checklist can give you a better orientation of which object is located in each box, especially when it comes to numerous and small office objects.