Ensuring Confidence In Your Man and Van

Ensuring Confidence In Your Man and Van

Ensuring Confidence In Your Man and VanWhen you’re getting ready for a long move, you likely have plenty of different thoughts running through your mind. You have to rush to get everything sorted and ready to go. At the other end, you have to assure that your new home is ready for your arrival. Of course, the hardest aspect of this situation is the physical part. During this process, you will be forced to pack up your belongings, put them in a vehicle and transport them one location to the other. Suffice to say, this is anything, but fun. However, it is possible to find a respectable man and van London moving company, which is capable of managing the task for you. How can you ensure confidence in your selection? By reading below, you will be able to find out.

The Possibility of Damage

Regardless of which man and van moving company you choose, it is still possible for them to drop your belongings. Even if you remained in control and did it yourself, the possibility for damage remains. With this in mind, you need to take additional steps, in order to insure your belongings. Contacting your removal company and asking them about moving insurance can give you a little peace of mind.

Do Background Research

First, you’ll want to make sure that you perform a little background research on your man and van moving company. Take to the Internet, speak to your friends and talk to your relatives. These individuals have likely used a moving company in the past and they will be able to provide a wealth of information. The Internet can provide you with customer reviews and testimonials, which can help tremendously! Be sure that the company you decide to do business with is in good standing and has majorly positive reviews.


Next, you’ll want to consider signing up for moving insurance. This is likely one of the biggest benefits of doing business with a professional moving company. They’ll be able to assure that all of your items are sufficiently covered under some type of insurance policy. Of course, there are a variety of different policies that you will be able to choose from. Take your time, consider the value of your items and choose the best moving insurance policy for your particular budget!

Types of Moving Insurance

In most situations, you’ll be able to choose between two different forms of moving insurance, when doing business with a man and van London moving company. Below, you will be able to find a breakdown of these specific options.

  • Full Replacement – This is the most expensive type of insurance you can get, but it is well worth it. If something happens to one of your items, you’ll be repaid the full value of the item. It is the sole discretion of the mover to determine, whether they’ll replace the item or make a cash settlement.
  • Released value – With this type of insurance, the mover is responsible for approximately .40 pounds per pound of your belongings. If something happens to your belongings, you’ll be responsible for the majority of the costs and fees.


Although man and van London moving companies put a great deal of effort into assuring the safety of your belongings, accidents do happen. Take extra precautions to make sure that you look into additional insurance. This will help recover in the event of damaged belongings.Call us for your man and van service