Furniture Moving Advice

Furniture Moving Advice

Furniture Moving AdviceFurniture removals can be quite exhausting, not only because furniture is difficult and pricey to move but also because it can be rather stressful to have to deal with damaged or broken furniture at the end of the move. In this article we have some fabulous furniture moving advice to help you get the most out of your removal service.

Protect Surfaces with Tarp Sheets

Most people are worried about their furniture getting damaged or breaking during house moving or relocating to a new office space. It is important to realise that breaks and nicks aren’t the only kind of damage your furniture can sustain. Staining, scratches and tears on the surface can ruin furniture as well. Instead of reupholstering your furniture or spending a fortune on getting stains out, most moving companies advise protecting the surfaces before transporting your things to the new address. You can purchase tarp sheets and drape these over your furniture to keep it safe from any damage to the surface. By making tiny holes at the ends of the tarp sheets you can use some twine to knot them into place. You can also request the movers to bring tarp sheets or other covers along.

Always Keep Furniture towards the Back of the Moving Van

This is a very important tip for when you are moving furniture. A lot of novice house movers are prone to loading the furniture into the moving van at the very end. Whether it is because furniture is the heaviest, or you just want to get everything else sorted in the beginning, this is a common mistake that many people make. However, you should remember that things tend to move around inside the moving trucks during the journey and you can never know what might topple out when you finally open the doors to the moving van. Even if you fix everything with ropes inside the moving vehicle, you should keep all the heavy items such as furniture towards the back. If something does tumble out when you first open the vehicle up, you will be glad that it wasn’t your furniture. This is a great way to avoid injuries as well as keep your furniture safe from damage.

Let the Pros Disassemble and Reassemble the Furniture

If you have furniture that can be dismantled and then reassembled, it makes sense to take it apart for the move. It will use up lesser space in the moving vehicle and it will be easier to load and unload. However, as most removal companies will agree, you should only let the professional house movers handle the responsibility of disassembling and reassembling the furniture. It is important to check with the removal company whether or not they offer reassembling services and if they do, you must find out whether it costs more. You will find that many a moving company will be glad to help you put your furniture back, but at an added cost. Clearing out such details upfront will mean you can expect a precise removal quote. And in case the removal company does not offer a reassembling/ installation service you will know ahead to make other plans.

Hire a Furniture Installation Service if Needed

If you have already hired removal services and the team does not offer installation services and will not reassemble or arrange the furniture in your new home, you should seriously look into hiring a separate furniture installation service. There are many furniture removals specialists who offer this niche service and while it might be an added expense in your removals budget, it makes sense to invest in the safety of your furniture. Considering the amount of money you will end up spending on repairs or replacements if you break something while trying to put it back together, it makes sense.