Man And Van and Removals Insurance Part 1

Man And Van and Removals Insurance Part 1

man and vanIf you are running a Man and Van East London business then insurance for your van is a must.

Van removals Insurance was introduced in the mid 1930’s just shortly after the government installed the car insurance scheme. The principal of the Insurance scheme was to make sure drivers of small vans and medium size vans who work in man and van business were covered against claims being made by the public in the event of an accident on a public road or highway.

Since Van Insurance was first initiated, there have been many Insurance Brokers and Commercial Vehicle Insurance companies appear year after year.

The database used by Van Insurance brokers and companies is now linked to the DVLA so that details are accessible by governmental bodies like the Police, in the event of an accident or a vehicle being routinely stopped by traffic officers. Also, Police now carry a state of the art camera in traffic vehicles which is linked to the national database – so if the camera collects a registration mark from a commercial or noncommercial vehicle, it will display on a small screen if the vehicle is insured, with road fund license and carries a ministry of transport test.

The national database is linked to most Van Insurance websites, so when you type in the vehicle registration number, it will automatically edit the details of the vehicle which is stored on the system at DVLA. This information is rarely wrong, unless a vehicle registration has been recently transferred or you have entered the wrong details.

Different types of commercial vehicles that use ‘Van Removals Insurance’ are:
•Van Insurance (Standard Requirements)
•Multi Van Insurance (More Than One Vehicle But Not Fleet)
•Business Van Insurance (Commercial Policies)
•Private Van Insurance (For Van Cover Non Commercially)
•Commercial Vehicle Breakdown Insurance (Light Commercial Vehicles non HGV)
•Mini-Bus Insurance (Either Privately Owned or Commercialized Insurance)
•”Goods (products) which are in Transit” Insurance (Third Party Equipment or Goods)
•Van Hire or Rental (One Off Policy or Fleet Contract)
•Tools Insurance and Cover (For Self Employed)

Van Insurance on a whole is ultimately competitive, with over 200 online companies all wanting a share of your business. Certain offers available online for commercial vehicle owners and drivers will not be available by calling the broker or insurance company. With a reduction on overheads on introduction of the online quote system, Van Insurance has become very much the same across the market.

Many Insurance dealers will now offer promotional discounts for new business or businesses in man and van business, plus guarantee’s that should you find another insurance company cheaper than they are within a certain time period, they will refund your money. Chances are that once you are happy with your Van Insurance from the company you decide to use, you will not continue to search for any other quotes online.

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