Man and Van: Best Removal Service in London

Man and Van: Best Removal Service in London

Have you ever heard the term that is a man and a van? It is a common term to refer to a light removal service from and to places. So many people are looking for a man and van services when they are in no need of a full on removal services. That is why Man and Van London is the perfect company to hire when you need such services. Man and Van London is your best option when it comes to light removal service for so many reasons. We will give you clues why in these following explanations.

Man and Van

Wide Space in the Van

The van that is used by man and van London is not just a regular one. They provide their client with the best and the highest quality of van that you will ever see. The van is specifically referred as the extra-long wheel base high roof vehicle which is the most optimal van for moving purposes. With a 4 meters length and almost two meters length of both width and height it is the perfect van to move your stuff out. You can put in practically everything in your house starting from bed, sofa, and TV.

Cheap Hourly Price

Man and Van UK is cheap hire compared to any other type of removal services. For a full on removal services, the overall price would be thirty five quid per hours. That price is including a van and a man that will help you move but not carrying and lifting your stuff. If you want your driver to help you lift then you should opt for the fifty quid per hour package. Man and Van UK do not usually offer removal services on the weekend. For that reason, they will charge a ten percent more for a weekend removal services.