Man And Van For Heavy Objects

Man And Van For Heavy Objects

man and van londonMoving heavy objects from your home smoothly and correctly is a skilled job, so who are you letting move your precious goods, are they professional?

The price is a good indication, if it seems too good to be true, then it normally is. If they have underpriced will they even turn up? How are they calculating the price?

All professional firms calculate the price based on cubic feet. If they are charging by the hour for example, when does the clock start and stop? If they are hurrying the job to maximize their profit, your heavy goods like piano for example us at risk of damage from sloppy work. Are they insured with all the correct insurance, don’t be shy to ask for proof.

How well-trained are the staff, do they have a uniform? If the firm has not been recommended to you and you have chosen the company by their ad in the phone directory, were the pictures of the vehicles drawings or photos? If they were drawings what are they hiding? You need to be certain that you have chosen your Man and Van Company for the right reasons, knowing these guidelines you can be.

Man And Van For Piano

The piano is a heavy object and is very unique among musical instruments for its relationship with you. “Part of the family” is not a common description of it and customers take pains in cautioning us to “take care” of this precious family member in a way we just don’t see when people are transporting more portable items.

In these days of mechanical lifting equipment we firmly believe that “man handling” a piano is still one of the safest ways of transportation if handled correctly.

Piano removal is a specialist part of the company repertoire. Man And Van London prides itself in the expert knowledge that allows us to offer this service. A Grand piano can weigh up to 400kg and have an awkward center of gravity so you have to know what you are doing. Securing one of these expensive items is an exercise in precision and care. Any damage to these kinds of goods can be both unsightly and costly. Our team of experts makes sure that your piano, in some cases also an expensive antique, will be protected as it makes its journey and delivered in the same condition. This often involves the use of no abrasive straps to secure to non-fastenable parts of the piano. Padding for the keys and cords and if necessary the removal of the legs as this is often required to negotiate narrow doorways and corridors. Customers generally find that returning is necessary after delivery as lorry vibration can loosen the cords of the piano.

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