Man and Van-Your Best Removal Man

There are many things in life that we have to do that can be very a real burden, and moving is known to be one of the most stressful experiences one can live. There are many details and other things that you need to put attention to, plan and decide. All of these can be very overwhelming and exhausting for you, specially if you don’t make the right choices. And we have all heard at least one or two stories about how someone moved and it all ended up being a disaster; how something very valuable ended up in pieces or somehow part of the furniture is missing, endless tragedies. And all of the stories are probably true. Almost all people are not experts in removals and all that they involve, but your removal can be a success, it doesn’t have to be another tragedy. A lot of them are, but not necessarily all. The real key to having a great man and van is to choose a good and known moving company to do the job.

 Man and Van-Your Best Removal ManA good  man and van removal company will make your removal very very easy, they’ll make it quickly and without any problems and/or major complications. It all depends on that, the removal company. If you choose an unknown man and van without a good reputation or no reputation at all, you should reconsider and think about other options. Known companies with good reputations are known and have good reputations for a reason, they’ve worked for it and have been successful at what they do.

 So how do I choose a great moving company that will carry out the removal easily? There are certain factors that you should take into account when you are about to chose a company. If you take your time to analyze the companies, you’re probably going to take the right decision.

 The following advices can be of great help and will guide you into choosing the right man and van company:

•You can obviously read some reviews about how good the service is and also see what the companies have to offer on their websites. But remember not to base your decision only on what you see and read online or in the yellow pages.

•Communicate with the companies and ask them for references. If the company has a history of good removals they won’t argue with you and will gladly give you a reference, but if they aren’t as good as they claim or have had problems with other customers, they probably won’t want to give you a reference.

•Never choose a moving company if they don’t have an adequate insurance to offer or no insurance at all. Always make sure they offer you a good insurance at a reasonable price because you never know what could happen and an insurance will make help you be more calm.

•Another thing about insurances is that you should be very thorough when you read them. Always read the small letter on the contracts and make sure you understand everything before you sign something. Many times people sign a contract and are later paying for things they didn’t want or have to pay because the insurance didn’t cover certain areas that you thought it did.

•Call four to eight weeks prior the date you wish to move. If you wait until the last minute, all reliable companies will be fully booked. This doesn’t just help you book the day you want to, but get ready in every way you can.

Another thing that will make things easier is to know the answers to the following questions. Why? Because companies are very likely to ask them, and if you don’t know the answer you can give a wrong one and that could affect your man and van altogether.

What is your preferred moving dates?

Many people recommend booking a man and van on business days because Fridays are weekend are known to be more expensive. Ask them if they offer discounts on less busy periods.

Are moving locally, long-distance or internationally?

If you’re planning to move locally or long distance, it’s okay to contract a local company. But it’s a very good choice to pick a national moving company at least.

Do you want help with packing and packing materials?

Some companies offer you -charging extra- to package everything you are planing to move, and even unpack, clean and place the things where you want to.

How much insurance do you need?

This is a very important question. Before calling, you need to decide on a budget and decide how much goes where. That way you’ll avoid paying more that you can afford.

How much stuff do you have?

Every company will ask this question. And there are multiple ways to answer it. Some companies can send someone to guide and advice you. Be careful if you chose to pay based on the weight that the company will move because they’ll weight everything after it’s packed and when it is about to be loaded, this way you can’t be completely certain of the amount that you will have to pay.

If you have an answer to these questions it will be a lot easier for you. Sometimes removals may cost more than you thought but you need to consider the importance of a good removal. Don’t forget the saying “You get what you pay for”, maybe a good company will charge more than others, but in the long run it is always better. You could end up paying more buying new furniture because a bad company broke something than the price a good and insuranced removal of a known company will give you.

Don’t stress out or start panicking when the day of the removal comes. If you take your time to decide everything your removal will be, maybe not relaxing, but at least not stressing. It is always worth it to choose a company with good reputation, they know how to do removals the right way and you won’t have to worry too much.


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