Moving homes? Here are some tips by Man and Van UK

Moving homes? Here are some tips

A stressful time

Moving homes can be a stressful time for everyone. New job, new school for the kids, new environment, new everything! Not to mention the pressure of getting your stuff together and bringing them to a new home you’re yet to get familiar with. But worry not! With the right attitude and with help from a few service providers, you’ll surely be able to settle in your new abode in no time.

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Keep things organized

It is easy to pack everything in boxes and sort them out once it gets to your new house. However, this could cause added stress. The right way is to sort them out as you pack them to avoid confusion later. Buy appropriate-sized boxes and label each with names. Group your things together – clothes, home decorations, kitchen utensils, books, children’s toys, etc. If you’re packing breakable items, wrap them in newspapers first, and label the boxes “fragile.” This simple step could save you a lot of money on buying new plates and glasses later.

Donating some of your things

If you feel like there are items in your home that you won’t need anymore or are too old to keep and you’d rather buy something new, put them in a separate box and donate to goodwill or to people who might need them. This will not only help declutter your new home, your pre-loved items could also be useful to others. If you want to earn extra bucks, you can set up a garage sale and sell these items. Another option is for you to sell them online in platforms like Ebay. After all, one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.

Find a reliable van service

One of the most important things to consider when moving is to choose a reliable van service. You wouldn’t to compromise your things by getting a low-quality van service that hires non-competent van drivers. Reliable services such as Man and Van could be very helpful in relieving the stress of moving. More than having good drivers who are sure to keep your belongings safe, we also provides appropriate gear such as blankets, straps, and trolleys to keep everything well harnessed and secured during the move. Man and van also deploys its men with boxes to help you pack up all your things and prepare for the move. This is extremely helpful it you’re pressed for time and you can’t do all the packing and unpacking yourself.

Do not procrastinate

Here’s a golden advice to those who want to reduce stress during their move – do not procrastinate! As soon as you decide that you are going to move, stop wasting time stressing and ranting. Get your act together and plan what things you’re going to take with you, what goes to charity, and what goes to trash. Make a checklist to keep everything organized, and call your van service provider immediately to set up an appointment.