Moving House in London? Below are 3 Advices for Getting Most of Your Lease Deposit Back.

Moving House in London? Below are 3 Advices for Getting Most of Your Lease Deposit Back.

man and van londonVery few things can be as stimulating (or rather terrifying) as purchasing your first house. After you have got your loan in place & the deal is all set, it’ll be the time to eventually start packing your possessions up & leaving your leased property.

Even though it is not a big sum of cash, tenant deposit can make the difference in between leasing a London removals firm or pulling your back to do all that heavy lifting on your own. The following tips can help you recover as much as possible from your lease deposit.

1. Knowing all the details about your rental. This is very important. You must look through the agreement of your lease & check if there’s any type of automatic reduction from deposit for expert cleaning, in addition to what the property-owner thinks to be out of the territory of “rational wear & tear.”

2. Repair what’s damaged or broken. This might look obvious, still it is very significant to repair any hole which might be left in the walls due to wall hangings, change the damaged fixtures & fittings, & paint mainly worn or dirty walls (note: majority of the rentals will be of white color by default). Such type of small repairs will not cost you that much sum at the local hardware shop, still it is most likely that your landlord might charge far more sum in order to fix such things by himself.

3. Leave it clean. In case the lease does not specify a cleaning organization or company would be appointed as well as paid from the lease deposit, you will be able to save a great amount of cash by cleaning up prior to giving the keys. Although cleaning down the baseboards, walls, as well as dusting surfaces can be obvious, make sure that you also clean the oven, fridge, & even get the rugs steam cleaned. This can help you to get maximum of your deposit amount back.

Being among the top man and van companies in the London city, we realize that moving the house could be very stressful as well as expensive, hence getting maximum amount of your deposit back will allow you to spend that particular sum for better usage, for example appointing a better move organization for helping you with the move.