Moving Tips By Removals Company and Man and Van London

Moving Tips By Removals Company and Man and Van London

To avoid unnecessary hassle one day before moving, Removals company Man And Van London made a list with all the important tasks. With us there is no stress. Just print out a hard copy and tick each box when the task is done. This way you will not forget anything! Moving can be easy when well planned!

– One month before moving

Parking – arrange a parking space for our removal vehicles at the new address. Do not leave it for last-minute.

Landlord/Tenant – inform your landlord in advance about your planned moving date.

Bank – notify you bank about changing addresses and check where the nearest branch is. Maybe it is no longer comfortable to have your account in this bank.

Insurance – notify you insurance companies: motor, life, home, etc.

Driving License – send an appropriate part of your license and send it to DVLA (

Post Office – let your post office know about the new address about 7 days before moving. You must do it over the counter.

Schools – find new school for you children, register them and let the old school know about the leaving date.

Inland Revenue – notify your local tax office.

National Insurance/DSS Benefits – notify your DSS office.

TV license – contact your TV Licensing and transfer your license to the new address.

Subscriptions – contact all organization/companies to which you subscribe and tell them the new address.

Vehicle License – send relevant documents with your new address.

Mobile Phones – about two weeks before moving contact you providers (do not forget internet) and let them know the date and address of the new house.

Any Future Deliveries – if you are expecting any soon deliveries (new curtains?) let them know about moving.

Standing Orders – notify all the companies from which you are taking a loan or have a hire purchase agreement.

Removals and man and vanPacking Materials/Boxes – if you are going to do the packing on your own, order all the required materials a month before. You can pack your stuff step by step and label it. There is no need to leave it for the last day.

Council tax – notify appropriate authorities in both addresses.

Inform Friends/Family – the easiest one to forget? Maybe mass mail is not a bad idea in this case?

Cleaning – if you are going to have your houses cleaned, make sure you have arranged it before. You definitely want everything to look good and clean.

We also do man and van London and over all Uk and European removals

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