Plan your moving with Man and Van

Plan your moving with Man and Van

man and vanMoving with man and van  has a great deal of experience when it comes to helping you plan your move. If you give us a few specific pieces of information we can give you a quote over the phone.

The quote you’ll receive is based on our experience of the type and amount of furniture that we would expect to find in that accommodation configuration. If you do not think that you have a standard type of house then we can work out the details. For example, as many kitchens are now fitted, there is often only the need to move kitchen appliances and not the cupboards etc. Also, the popular use of wood flooring has reduced the requirement to move carpets etc.

During the planning process we will break down your exact requirement for packaging and storage space. We know roughly how much space will be required based on your living style. For example the contents of a standard bedroom without fitted wardrobes should fit into 3-4 square meters (30-40 square feet) and a standard two-seater sofa should fit into a 1.5 square meter space (15 square feet). Likewise, a small office including filing cabinets and machinery should take up approx. 5-6 square meters.

If your comic book collection has to be in a waterproof container during transport then that’s what we will provide. We offer a full packaging service on request or if you wish to pack yourselves, we can provide all of the necessary packaging materials and labels (additional charges may apply). There are limitations on goods that can be carried. You must notify us if chemicals or explosive materials are present (this includes adhesives, paint and fuel in the case of some gardening equipment). This is to assure the safety of our staff and the public. We’ll give you advice on packing fragile goods, how to avoid “scratching and chipping” of furniture and stacking techniques to maximize storage space.

At the end of this process you’ll have found that by working with us you will have reduced the amount of stress suffered as a result of your move. You would not only have saved stress and anxiety but a great deal of time too. You’ll have confidence that we do actually know what we are doing. Plan your movement with a free advice from Man with a Van London.

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