Relocation with a moving van advices

Relocation with a moving van advices

Relocation with a moving van advicesA moving van is all that you need for your big house removals, but the choice of the right van is that makes it a little bit difficult choice. Call your removal company and discuss all the details about the move, and it`s always a great idea to review in advance the different options for moving vans. For example, relocation with a small van is recommended when your removal boxes and items are just a little bit bigger than your car and so they can`t fit into it, as well as small enough to need a small moving van. The small vans also offer the comfort and ease of transportation through small streets or within the Downtown in a busy rush hour morning, for example. The small vans require quite less space for parking and so you don`t need to aware your neighbors to secure free space for parking in front of your new house. That`s only a hint of all the advantages of the small moving vans.

The medium-sized and the vans with greater cargo volumes are recommended for big house removals, for example, when moving furniture or the items from a 2-storey  house. The bigger volume of the van gives you more free space to organize the area as you want or you can call man with a van to help you with the arrangement of your belongings in the van. The help from the man is indispensable when you have to deal with heavy or truly gigantic removal boxes as well. There are even companies that offer big vans with two, three or more men, who can take good care of your items and belongings at each step of the relocation. The third main advice is to hire a huge removal truck for relocation. The trucks have the largest cargo volume and so you can fit there some extremely large or heavy objects like aquariums, pianos, fitness equipment, etc.


Begin with the organization of the relocation via man and van at least a week before the moving date. Thus, you will have plenty of free time to discuss all the details with the moving agency and so not to rush in the last moment. The more the time for reviewing and organizing the checklists and the removal boxes – the easier the organization at the moving date and respectively the loading of the moving van.

Take your free time to check out the route to your new home as well. It comes not only to select the shortest or the easiest road for a transportation if you plan to do everything by yourself including the drive, but also to check out the road in front your new house for any imperfections on the terrain. Tell your new neighbors about the moving day so they let you park the moving van for a longer time in front the house, especially if your new house is adjacent to the neighboring one and when you hire a bigger removal van in Barnes. Inspect the route to your front door for any imperfections like bumps, stairs, bushes, fallen branches, etc., as well as the location of the front door if it overlooks a huge garden, for example. This will give you a better orientation whether to hire a van with a rear or a sliding side door.

Organize your removal boxes and bags in checklists! It would be quite easier to supervise the loading and unloading the moving van when all the boxes and objects are labeled according to a checklist.