Removals and Man and Van Tips

Removals and Man and Van Tips

Removals and man and vanThe key to a happy and successful removal is simply proper planning and preparation. If you decide to do your own packing, whether or not you decide to use whose materials, you must ensure that you use only good quality boxes that are stable enough to permit stacking without causing harm to the contents. Always make sure that a box is only filled up to its top-level (this will enable safe stacking) and do not make any box too heavy to lift. Mix light items with heavy items.

Always mark any box containing fragile items. Fragile items should always be surrounded by soft items e.g. towels, bedding, sweaters.

If an item can be put in a box please do so. Loose items are more easily damaged while boxes are easier to load safely.

Please ensure that you bring to the removals company’s attention before the removal day any items that need to be taken down e.g. self-assembly furniture, shelves, curtains or blinds, satellite dishes etc.

The employees may only enter a loft or attic if it is properly boarded out (for health & safety at work reasons).

Subject to an item not being too heavy chests of drawers and blanket boxes can be left with their contents inside.

Most removals companies will not carry nor will we accept for storage any flammable substances.

Washing machines and dishwashers must be properly drained and wiped out before going into storage. It is your responsibility to fit transit bolts.

If you have any pets then make sure that you think in advance what to do with them on the day of removal. It is best that they are shifted somewhere before the removal process takes place.

international man and van removalsIf you are looking for international removals then too you will have to follow certain tips:

Firstly, you will have to look out for a transporter or a company that does international removals to.
Secondly, you have to check the cost factor.
Thirdly, you have to check their credentials for international removals.
Lastly, you have to ensure that they have all the necessary documentation such as insurance etc. Now, doing all of these things is going to cost you time and money. You have to make calls and check rates from various international and european removals companies, and ensure a whole lot of things. By the end of this you may even change your mind about actually sending your items.

Instead of putting yourself through all of this, why not opt for a simpler removals solution?
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