Save Money and Time-Removals Intro

1. Save Money and Time-Removals Intro

Removals and man and vanIt’s said that  removals is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life.

There is good reason for that – it’s true!

Apart from the hassle of utility service change overs and the buying or selling or renting issues, the actual move looms large over the whole procedure.

The main reason – it’s so stressful is the packing.

You have spent years buying the stuff that now fills your home, and the packaging for it has long since gone, so how exactly do you pack it up to move it?

What do you put it all in, how do you protect it, how on earth do you sort what to take and what not to?

As those questions accumulate in your mind, the stress levels rise, so here’s the first tip – don’t do the packing yourself!

Packing yourself is rarely a good idea, it’s much better to let the removals and storage company do it for you. They will make an appointment to come and see you to give you a quote, and then, usually the day before the move or early on the day, they arrive with their packaging materials, and just get to work…it’s their job, they know what they are doing.

Everything gets packed and protected much quicker than you could ever do, they even have things like wardrobe boxes, which have poles in them so your whole wardrobe just gets transferred into these. Accidents will happen but they will happen more if you do the packing yourself! Of course accidents still may still happen but as long as you have checked the insurance, you shouldn’t have any problem, accept the possibility and prepare for it – then you can relax.

The second tip, and this goes for storage facilities too, is to make sure you have checked out removals and storage companies. It may be tempting to go for the big companies or man and van you have heard of, or the biggest advert in the phone book, but you will get a more personal service from a local family, and often a better price too. The bigger removals or man and van have larger overheads to consider, and sometimes they treat the customer as no more than a cog in the process, whereas a smaller removals will show you more care and attention.

Be sensible about location – For example if you are moving from Ramsgate of anywhere on the north-east Kent coast, and are only moving to Maidstone or mid-Kent, don’t book a firm from Bristol or the south-west – the extra time and distance costs will be borne by you! Local is often the solution. So to sum, up going local and letting the firm do the packing are 2 great tips for removals and storage.

Looking for a local house removals and office removals  or man and van in London?


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