The best places to get boxes for removal

The best places to get boxes for removalYou just bought a new home; you are considering hiring a removal van to move your belongings into your new home, you have to buy the equipment that is needed to help pack and removal boxes hasn’t yet been mentioned. Let’s face it! Moving to your new home can be very pricey at times, and it does not help when good quality boxes cost “an arm and a leg”. However there is a solution to all your problems that is environmentally friendly and will not cost you anything. That’s right, absolutely free! Here are the places to find free removal boxes, but keep in mind that you examine that these boxes are strong and clean, as you want to keep your belongings safe, protected and in good condition while moving.


Ask your neighbour

It doesn’t hurt to ask! Why not try asking your next-door neighbour to find out if they have any unwanted boxes that you could use. Consider asking first your neighbour before looking elsewhere, this might save you time.


Ask your local supermarket

Supermarkets get store supplies coming in every day and when stock has been put away, these boxes are then torn and then thrown away or even recycled. Asking your local store to take some boxes off their hands could save you money, for the most part, they would be happy for you to take the boxes off their hands that are littering their store. You could also go to the back of the supermarket and take a look in the recycle cans where are their unwanted cardboard boxes are placed. It’s doesn’t just have to be your local supermarket, you could also consider newsagents, charity shops, cafes, schools and computer stores, to name a few.


Use classified advertisement websites

You can find loads of freebies online. A great place to look for free removal boxes is classified advertisement websites. Check the “free section” to discover if anybody is giving away free removal boxes that you could go and collect. You may also want to consider putting up a listing on needing boxes for removal, therefore people can contact you if they have any boxes lying around that they no longer require. But beware when dealing online, always take someone with you and make sure that you plan to meet in a public area.

The best places to get boxes for removal


Office buildings

The thing is about office buildings are that they get loads of packages delivered to them every single day, and when have unpacked they pretty much no longer require these boxes. Office buildings usually have good quality boxes. Why not going in and ask an employee if you could take a couple of boxes for your removal? You both win in the end! You get free boxes, they are getting unwanted boxes taken off their hands and on top of that it helps save the environment.


Check out bars or restaurants

You may be surprised about how many restaurants want to get quickly get rid of their boxes. Boxes used to pack liquor are considerably strong and some even come with bubble wrap. These would be great for putting your clothes, plants, toiletries, vases and any other heavy items in. Go in and ask! You might be doing them a favour.



Boxes used to pack books in are considered to be very durable. Why not pop into to your bookstore and find out if they have any spare boxes lying around? These boxes would be excellent for packing your old classic comic book collection your whole library and even your timeless box set DVD movies.