Tips From Man And Van Removals To Shift Your House

Tips From Man And Van Removals To Shift Your House

man and vanLeaving a place with so many memories, so many attachments and so many familiar things, is never easy. However, moving on and along, is an important part of life too. So, here are some tips to enable you to make the move in a smooth and efficient way.

– Your flight tickets, if necessary.
– For the decor of your new home, consequently getting rid of things you wouldn’t need.
– Where to keep your pet and your child while the move is taking place.
– For the best man and van London that is fitting your budget.
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– Their feedback from other customers.
– If the employees wear uniforms. This is a direct reflection on how good the company is.
– If they accept card or check payments. Any company taking a sizeable deposit or insists on cash payment must be avoided.
– All their surprise or hidden charges such as charges for climbing up stairs, etc. Also their special charges for moving certain products like a piano or a pool table. This goes to say, to make sure you get a binding contract (they cannot add in any additional charges than what is mentioned in the contract).
– Their policy for delays.
– Their costumer redressal procedure.
– The type of insurance they provide.

– Inform your friends, relatives and colleagues about your new address. Inform the milkman and newspaperman about the change and discontinue their service. Transfer the cable, internet, gas, telephone and electric lines.
– Make a system for your boxes. You can Color Code them or code them numerically, having a list as a reference point for each number.
– Make sure you don’t overfill the boxes (they can break) or under fill them (they can break if a heavy box is placed on top of it)
– Make sure you label FRAGILE for boxes containing fragile goods.
– All liquids should be contained in leak proof containers.
– Try to finish off as much of frozen and canned foods, as you can.
– Check the weather forecast on the day of the move. Taking extra precautions to prevent any damage to your things.
– Defrost and dry your fridge and freezer.
– Keep all medications and essential items with you on the day of moving.
– Make sure you have snacks for yourself and the movers.
– Make sure you turn off all switches before leaving the house.

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