What Type Of Items Can Be Included In A Residential Removal

What Type Of Items Can Be Included In A Residential Removal

man and van londonMost individuals only consider a moving company capable of packing and transporting china, d├ęcor, and other household items, but this is only a myth. Man and Van is highly skillful and experienced enough to handle innumerable types of items. Below you will discover a short list of items that can easily be packaged and shipped from one location to another, without mishap.


If you are considering a corporate or individual removal, you may be concerned about your precious electronics. Many moving companies are not competent enough to deal with electronic removals. Man and Van Removals know how expensive and important your computerized equipment is to you, so they will take all measures to protect your adding machines, personal computers, laptops, and digital electronics.

Work Tools & Equipment

Power and mechanical tools can be quite large and heavy. This type of equipment must be protected at all cost, especially during relocations. Smaller equipage will be securely and appropriately packed into boxes and transported from your current residence to your new home. Larger equipage will be wrapped securely with pads, so that it does not get damaged during the move.

Canvas Oil Paintings

Canvas oil paintings must be packed and transported differently than other items. It is vital that these expensive items do not get exposed to any type of moisture, so it is important to wrap them with bubble wrap, and then place them into the appropriate size cardboard boxes. Extra padding is added to each corner of the frame, so that it cannot wiggle around during movement. This packing technique will keep your precious paintings safe and secure throughout the entire removal.

Sculptures & Statues

Statues are an odd-shaped item, so packing and transporting them is very difficult, especially, if they are extremely heavy. Since they are bulky special preparation must be considered to protect them from damage during transit. A double-walled moving box or wood shipping crate will be utilized, if the sculpture is extremely large and bulky. Once the sculpture is packed securely, pads will be placed over them to provide a double protected layer just in case.


Just be aware that there are no items that are too small or large for Man and Van. This professional moving company can also help exhibitors relocate their trade show items from the warehouse to the exhibition hall, as often as required. If you are relocating because of a new job, marital status change, or health reasons do not hesitate to contact these expert movers for your free moving quote, today.