You’re Not Moving? You Still Might Need Man And Van

You’re Not Moving? You Still Might Need Man And VanThat man and van service looks tempting, really. If we were just moving house, we would definitely be taking advantage of it. No lugging a refrigerator, stove, and the double bed up three flights of stairs for us. But there’s no move in sight, nor any likely to happen for the next ten years. Does not look like we will be able to take advantage of their service, after all.

If that’s the way you’re thinking, think again. A man and a van is very useful for much more than just house moves. Here are some scenarios where Man and Van just might be essential.

You have always wanted to have a pretty front yard, but somehow, those concrete boulders left over from someone’s failed building attempt don’t really add much to the landscaping. But wait! There’s no reason they have to stay. Give Man with Van a call today, and you can get your yard cleaned and the front plot ready for flowers in no time.

You have ordered a new kitchen table, a new book case, and new kitchen counter top from IKEA. The only thing is, everyone knows their delivery service is horrendous. Wait—what if you contract private delivery? Man and Van can give you professional quality service on time, and bring your purchases to your house when you want them.

And now you have decided that old kitchen table and the old sideboard needs to go. You have found a charity which accepts donations, but only if they are delivered, and the table is certainly not fitting in your little car. Oh, there’s man and a van again! Ring them up before it gets any later, and they will be able to transport the unwanted furniture away for you.

And again, you have got the best of a eBay bargain deal- a wonderful antique piano of the kind you have always dreamed about . The only problem is, it’s located in the east of London, and delivery is not included in the deal. No worries! Call up Man and Van, and get the piano delivered in your house in tip-top shape and perfect timing.

And this is only the beginning of it. Anytime you need a delivery or dump service that is fast, efficient, and careful, Man and Van mover  is there to help you out. It happens more often then you’d think.  There’s an added peace of mind you will have, just knowing there’s a team of strong men ready to help you any time you need them, a team that guarantees professional, careful, service. Van and Man is available twenty four seven, so even if you decide you absolutely must have an item moved in the middle of the night, they will be unfazed! Their vans are fully equipped, and they will do rubbish clearance as well as moving of your most valuable household goods. Whatever it is you want discarded or moved from one place to another, having a team of reliable and efficient movers at your back will always be an enormous asset.